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Rising Sun Air provides installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, and service for residential and commercial air conditioning systems throughout the Phoenix metro area.

An air conditioning system may operate in excess of 3500 hours per year.  If this were your automobile, and you drove at an average speed of 35 MPH, you would travel over 120,000 miles… during which time you would undoubtedly go through a set of tires, several oil changes,  plugs, belts, and numerous other service adjustments.

Air conditioning equipment manufactures recommend that heating equipment be inspected prior to the heating season, and that cooling equipment be inspected prior to the cooling season.  In our experience, probably 40% of the emergency service calls we receive could be prevented if the equipment was regularly inspected with service adjustments being made during the course of inspection.   The relatively minor preventive maintenance cost would stop problems from becoming
P-R-O-B-L-E-M-S, thus avoiding inconvenience, discomfort, and more extensive repair costs.

Typical of normal reoccuring maintenance requirements for all types of air conditioning systems is the need to maintain clean heat exchanger surfaces.   Evaporators and air cooled condensers are each subjected to continuous flow of air during operation.  These heat exchangers are usually comprised of copper refrigerant coils expanded into aluminum "fins" as pictured below
                       Rising Sun Air Maintenance Schedule
                 Rising Sun Air
         Fall Service Inspection
                 Rising Sun Air
     Spring Service Inspection
For All Electric Systems For All Electrical Systems
Refrigerant Level Check Refrigerant Level Check
Belt Adjustment if Required Belt Adjustment if Required
Starting Capacitor Check Starting Capacitor Check
Motor Lube if Required Motor Lube if Required
Tighten Power Connections Tighten Power Connections
Tighten Control Wiring Connections Tighten Control Wiring Connections
Test Defrost Control Test Defrost Control
Check Safety Controls Check Safety Controls
Calibrate Room Thermostat Calibrate Room Thermostat
Inspect Duct Connections at Unit Inspect Duct Connections at Unit
Check Filter Condition Check Filter Condition
Check Air Flow Check Air Flow
Check Temperature Readings Check Temperature Readings
In Addition for Gas Heat Systems Clean Condenser Coil
Check Gas Valve Clean Evaporator Coil
Check Combustion Air Vents Clean Condensate Drain Line
Check burners and Heat Exchanger  
Test Heat Performance  
Maintenance Plan Cost
Rising Sun Air will provide Spring and Fall Maintenance Inspections, Tune-up (including one pound of refrigerant) and Adjustment on your residential air conditioning system for an annual cost of $198.00 payable upon completion of first inspection.

Above described service inspections and adjustments will be performed, and a written report will be provided to the Owner summarizing the condition of the system and providing recommendations for service if required.  In the event service is required, we will advise on cost prior to performing work and will provide all labor and parts required at 15% below our standard rates.  Should any of this work be covered by the equipment warranty, we will try to recover costs from the warranty provider.

We believe that proper air conditioning system maintenance pays for itself, an we welcome the opportunuity to add you to our list of satisified customers.

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Condenser finned surface
Fin material is usually aluminum stock of about 0.006" thickness.. It is soft and easilly bent (see space above "3"), and fins are spaced from 16 to 24 per inch depending on the manufacturer.

These exchangers are excellent heat transfer devices and SUPER "strainers".  Depending on the condition of the ambient air at your location, leaves, dirt, blossoms, feathers, and all manner of atmospheric debris becomes embedded in the fin spaces, and impedes air flow and heat transfer.  
It is not uncommon for a heat exchanger to lose 10% of its capacity during the course of a year, resulting in overall loss of efficiency and increased operating costs. Cleaning these coils requires the equipment and experience to perform the task properly without damaging the coils, and it is one of the sixteen points covered by the Rising Sun Maintenance Plan outlined below.
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